Application for an Internal Review of the decision to issue an infringement notice

When can you seek a review

An application for internal review can be made at any time before the offence is lodged with the Infringements Court, or before the expiry of the period for bringing a proceeding to Court in relation to the offence.

Only one application for internal review can be made regarding any one infringement offence.

Applications for internal review must:

  • be in writing, and include the infringement number
  • state the grounds for review
  • provide current address details
  • contain letter of consent, or other evidence of consent, if done on behalf of a third party.
  • where applicable applications for Internal Review should include corroborating documents to support the grounds for review. For example, letters from doctors, CentreLink details, Police reports and evidence of mechanical breakdowns. Not providing sufficient information for a review to be considered may influence the outcome.

Grounds for review are: 

  • if you believe the decision to serve the notice was contrary to law
  • there is a mistake in identity
  • your conduct should be excused as exceptional
  • if special circumstances apply, special circumstances are defined in legislation, see below.

Special circumstances reviews

Special circumstances are defined by the Infringement Act 2006 and relate to:

  • A person with a mental or intellectual disability, disorder, disease or illness, a serious addiction to drugs or alcohol which results in a person being unable to understand the offending conduct or unable to control the conduct.
  • Homelessness, where the homelessness results in the person being unable to control the offending conduct.

When an application is made under the grounds of special circumstances, the enforcement agency is limited to:

  • confirming the decision to serve the infringement notice
  • withdrawing the infringement notice
  • withdrawing the infringement notice and serving an official warning in place of the notice.

If the agency rejects the application for internal review and confirms the decision to issue the infringement notice, it must refer the matter to the Magistrates' Court for determination by a judicial officer.

Examples of circumstances not considered as valid reasons to consider withdrawing infringement notices.

  • Poor visibility due to weather
  • Not noticing a sign
  • Reading only part of a multi-panel sign
  • Being unable to read the sign from the front seat of the car
  • Forgetting to read the sign because you were concentrating on other things
  • Not noticing that a sign/restriction had been changed
  • Running late or being in a hurry
  • Being delayed at an appointment (example: medical appointments are widely known to run late. Procedures can often take longer than expected. An allowance for this must be made when parking your car)
  • Stopping for a short time in a prohibited area even if it just to pick up or drop off passengers or goods eg: No Stopping area
  • Being new to the area and unfamiliar with the restrictions. This applies regardless of whether the driver is from Victoria, interstate or overseas.

Application for review should sent to:

GPO Box 3095
Melbourne VIC 3001

Or click here to lodge an online appeal. Please note you must complete the form within sixty minutes and cookies must not be disabled.

Stonnington Parking Alliance will notify the applicant of the outcome of the review in writing.

Where a decision has been made to confirm the decision to issue the infringement notice, the enforcement agency will notify the applicant of the due date for payment of the infringement penalty.

If a person elects to have the matter referred to open Court, any review in progress is terminated.

You may elect to take the matter to Court. In order to do so, you will need to complete an Application for Action by Court form.

Click here to download an Application for Action by Court form.

This form can be downloaded in PDF Format. You will require Adobe Acrobat to open the files. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer click here to download.

Please send the completed form to:
Stonnington Parking Alliance
GPO Box 3095
Melbourne Vic 3001

Common Applications For Review and Information Required

:: Valid Permits
I have a valid permit

:: Valid Tickets
I had a valid ticket

:: Vehicle Breakdown
My vehicle broke down

:: Period Longer
I don’t believe I overstayed my parking time limit

:: Medical Emergency
I had a medical emergency

:: Stolen Vehicle
My vehicle was stolen

:: Dispute Additional Cost
I want to dispute the additional costs